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Traditions and Celebrations

Engaging the Spirit at Lansdowne Friends School

All-School Gathering

On Friday mornings at 9:00, the entire LFS community comes together for Gathering,  an event providing students and teachers an opportunity to share and learn from each other in a relaxed environment.  Responsibility for leading Gathering rotates through the classrooms.  Each week one class presents something of interest to the assembled school community.  A Pre-K class might share a recent field trip experience through drawings.  A class might share a skit that they have written based on a classroom theme.  Students might model conflict resolution skills or teach a song. Young students look up to older students as role models.  All students develop communication and leadership skills. Gatherings help us all get to know each other better and learn about the work and play of each class. Parents are welcome to join us.

Playground Supper

The Playground Supper is scheduled early in September, on a Friday evening.  At 6:00, following the end of the Extended Day Program, teachers and families gather on the front playground with their suppers and blankets.  Returning families welcome new families and reconnect with each other.  Children enjoy running and playing with their new and old friends.  

Pre-K Buddies

Community is an important aspect of the LFS experience.  Everyone is known at LFS. Many meaningful relationships grow out of the Buddy program.  Each year the oldest students buddy up with Pre-K students.  They visit each other twice a month in the classroom to read, do puzzles together, play outside together, talk, and share snacks. They get to know each other as friends. 

The Book Fair

The annual Book Fair is organized by the school Librarian with help from many parent volunteers.  A wonderful selection of literature for children is displayed and sold, usually in the Meeting House.  All proceeds benefit the LFS Library.

Grandfriends Day

Grandparents and other special friends are frequent visitors to the school but once a year we invite these special guests to see Lansdowne Friends School in action.  Grand Friends get to know each other, experience Meeting for Worship with the students, spend time in class with their special students, and enjoy other all-school activities.  We all look forward to this special day.

Pasta Lunch

Before winter break, students and teachers celebrate together at the traditional all-school pasta lunch.  Each person brings in an ingredient from home and together we create the meal which, in addition to pasta, may include various types of breads, butter (shaken from cream), fruit and vegetable platters, and juice.  Students make place cards and set the tables.  We sit family style, filling the auditorium for this popular school event.

May Fair

We're not sure when it started but the May Fair has been happening for many, many years and is an anticipated community event.  Organized by the School Family Association, the lively day includes family fun, games, great food, entertainment, crafts, and more! 

Meeting for Graduation

Meeting for Graduation celebrates our sixth grade graduates.  The community gathers in the Meetinghouse for Meeting for Worship to express their best wishes to our graduates. Every class prepares and shares something for the graduates.  Each graduating student shares a speech with the gathered friends.