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Special Subjects


The Spanish program for students in Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade emphasizes conversational Spanish and increases awareness of other cultures.

Physical Education

Children develop and practice physical skills, game skills, strategies and knowledge about sports. We focus on cooperation and fitness, rather than merely emphasizing competition.


Art classes at LFS are designed to foster and support the growth in art of each individual child. A wide range of art materials stimulates imagination, flexibility, and creativity as children experiment with technique and develop skills of self-expression.


Music classes provide music education, performance education, and opportunities for community music making while maintaining a commitment to Quaker simplicity. The music class and annual performances give students who enjoy performing an opportunity to take center stage while learning the importance of working well with others to produce a quality show. 


Shop classes give students the opportunity to learn experientially. They learn by doing starting in the youngest grades with an exploration of materials and progressing to more complex projects and application of techniques to solve problems and engage in service projects using their growing skill set. 

This program’s goal is to offer students an opportunity to investigate their world, engage in hands-on projects, apply what they have learned in other classes to practical projects, develop problem solving skills, and set goals. All of these goals support our objective to educate students to be life-long learners, creative problem solvers and feel empowered to act to build their communities. 

Library/Media Resources 

The primary mission of the library is to support the classroom program.  Students visit the library at least once a week.  The younger students have a story time during which they are exposed to a variety of genres and culteral diversity.  Older students get lessons in library science and are introduced to the collection through book talks.

Physical Education