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March 25, 2021
Student-led Discussion of "Ghost Boys"

Over several weeks in December and January, I enjoyed reading and discussing   Ghost Boys with the 6th graders. It’s a story about an African American boy who is killed by a white police officer. Along the way, this boy’s ghost meets the ghost of Emmett Till as well as the ghosts of other African American boys also killed by racial violence. 

The book opened up many moving questions and observations from our 6th graders … about how these things could happen, about how these events connect to the Black Lives Matter movement and to the recent events at the Capitol, and about their hopes for a better future. My discussions with our students felt uplifting, as I was pleased that they were grappling with our nation’s ongoing struggle with racial injustice and violence, and tinged with a bit more optimism. 

Thanks, Tr. Neal