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Parents help strengthen the school by sharing their skills and expertise and by volunteering time in the classroom or school community. 

Parent volunteers make a big difference in the LFS library, and at LFS events such as the annual Auction and the Book Fair.  Parents may make arrangements through the office to visit or volunteer in the classrooms.

All LFS parents are members of the School Community Association.  Much of the work of the School Community Association is done in small sub-committees.  Among their many activities, parents have organized class and all-school potluck suppers, Movie Nights, Swim Nights, and Skating Parties for LFS families, and the annual May Fair for LFS families and the wider community.

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I knew from the very beginning that it was not only my daughter who was joining the school - but our whole family.  

The reason we came to the school was because we were looking to integrate ourselves into a community of people dedicated to service, learning and sharing.  I can't imagine not participating - not only do I feel a sense of duty to do so, but it is the clearest way I can feel part of my daughter's school life.  By getting involved with the School Community Association, from the very beginning, I have known not only the children and parents in my daughter's class, but students and their families from throughout all grades.  Our interactions with the whole school community have affirmed our decision to come to LFS time and time again.  These are great people to be around - children and parents - and I treasure my experiences working and socializing with the people I have met through volunteer opportunities at our school.

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Lansdowne Friends School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion or national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation in admissions and scholarship programs, in administration of its educational program or in employment policies.