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November 10, 2016
The Election

Our mission and values could not be more clear.  We are a school that values respect for all, that believes that we are all equal, and that affirms the light that exists in each person.  We are a welcoming community that embraces the simplicity that comes from the expectation that we love one another and knows that we can solve our problems peacefully.  These attributes of our belief system apply to all of us, regardless of gender, race, religion, class, sexual orientation, political affiliation or citizenship.

We have endured a long election campaign with rhetoric that was disrespectful, divisive and hurtful and contrary to the mission and values of this school.   The election itself has left so many of us deeply troubled and stunned.

As we process what this means, it is important to reaffirm the values that this school stands for, and to tell our children that we will protect them, and will continue to work to make a just, peaceful and respectful world.  It is important to emphasize that the work to do so continues, and that there is so much that goes on between elections by each citizen to bring about that world. It is also important to emphasize that each of us has a voice that we must continue to raise to our government, and to one another, to reaffirm our values.

This week, we had meeting for worship in classrooms to provide students with an opportunity to share how they were feeling.  We have also continued with our curriculum to underscore that despite what is going on in the larger world, life will continue.  Pre-K and Kindergarten made apple cider and visited a farm. The first and second grades continued with their work on Monarch butterflies and this morning they went for a walk to the park.  The third and fourth grades have continued their work on Native Americans and the Encounter, and the fifth and sixth grade went to Philadelphia to continue their “Art is Ageless” project with senior citizens.  All the while, our teachers and staff are offering safety and support for your children, and are keeping a close watch on their feelings.

For additional information on how to talk to children about this election, please read this article by Ali Michael, Ph.D.

Parents will have an opportunity to come together to make sense of what has happened in worship-sharing Monday evening in the Meetinghouse 

In peace,  John