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March 13, 2017
Pre-K teachers prepare for Ezra Jack Keats

Teachers Kathi and Andrea work around the classroom, readying it for reading Ezra Jack Keats.

Every year, Pre-K does an Author Study.  It the past, they have studied Mem Fox, Tomie dePaola, Eric Carle, and Jan Brett.  Usually spending 3 to 5 weeks on it, they culminate the Author Study with each child writing, illustrating, and publishing his/her own book.  Our children really enjoy being read to, and a few are beginning to read on their own!

This is a step toward inspiring a life-long love for literature.

 Just in time to commemmorate his 101 birthday, 

the Pre-K classroom will study this Caldecott Winner author and illustrator who embraced multiculturalism by giving voices to characters of diverse backgrounds. 

It is very important that children see characters with whom they can identify. At LFS, we believe that each child can see their gender, ethnicity, primary language, family structure, depicted in the books they read and celebrate.

Multiculturalism in children's literature opens the way for future understanding of social constructivism. Because we believe that our students are indeed the future stewarts of this world, we foster the values of equality and inclusion.

It is never too early to show children that their lives matter.