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Quakerism at LFS

Quaker schools have a long and proud tradition of educational excellence. It is not a coincidence that three of our last five US presidents sent their children to Quaker schools.  What’s fascinating about Quaker schools is that only a minority of students and teachers identify as Quaker; we are truly open and diverse.  No one is encouraged to become Quaker, and other faiths, atheists, and agnostics are actively welcomed.
Our approach is grounded in the belief there is that of God in every person.  All of our teaching practices--how we manage conflict, sitting reflectively in weekly meeting for worship, what we choose to study – – flow from this starting point.
Aiding our study are six Quaker testimonies: peace, integrity, simplicity, community, equality, and stewardship. These virtues are everywhere in our learning environment, from the art and maxims on the walls, to our report cards and units of study.
Come and see Quakerism in action at LFS.

Two 4th graders cleaning up a stream.
A Friends school experience is a unique, holistic educational experience that is rooted in Quaker beliefs and values. It meets each student where they are and values their individual and collective voices while enhancing their strengths and expanding their understandings of their world. Developing critical thinking skills and encouraging living with purpose and awareness is woven into every aspect of a Friends school experience.
- Philadelphia Magazine, 2023

Quaker Principles

Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship