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Letter from the Head of School

Welcome to Lansdowne Friends School.  I am very excited to be part of this wonderful school, Meeting and community. 

Hallmarks of the strongest schools are a compelling and faithfully observed mission, excellent and dedicated teachers and staff, energetic and inquiring children, a strong governing board, and supportive families and alumni.  Lansdowne Friends has all of these attributes, but it has another key advantage.  It represents the best of Friends Education.

One of the central testimonies of Friends is that of community.  One of the things that is most apparent to any visitor at Lansdowne Friends School is the strong sense of community.  Every child is known, and the feel of the school, the conduct of the classrooms, the way we eat meals together, and the way our families are included speak to the fact that our school is home.  Each child and each member of our community feels safe, welcomed, and listened to, and knows that their central tasks in life are to care for one another and to make the world a more just and peaceful place.

Another hallmark of Quakerism is the fact that knowledge should be based on experience.  Our curriculum is designed so that each child has a personal stake in their learning of the sciences, of the outdoors, in mathematics, in language, in discussion, in the arts, and physical education.  In a world that is increasingly plugged-in and screen oriented, our hands-on, tactile approach to education is more compelling than ever.  This experience produces scholars who are comfortable asking questions, conversing with adults, courageously positing their own ideas, and knowing that education is practical, relevant, meaningful and fun.  Moreover, our weekly meeting for worship enables our children to experience spiritual communion together, and to know how to reflect on the day-to-day and on the larger ultimate questions in life.

Another central value of Quakers is equality.  This value is manifested by our enthusiastic embrace of racial and socioeconomic diversity, for through our rich diversity we know and see how we are all equal before God and before one another.  It was this rich and very natural diversity that drew me to the school.

I invite you to join our wonderful community and look forward to meeting you.

John McKinstry

john mckinstry
John McKinstry
head of school
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