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Head of School Search

Lansdowne Friends School seeks an exceptional educational leader with strong administrative experience and a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is a choice opportunity to guide an educationally vibrant and financially sound school that has navigated the past year with enormous success:

• Enrollment for 2021-22 has increased 15% over the previous year, with strong retention of current students and new student enrollment at an historic high.

• Annual giving surpassed its goal by 58% and major gifts to support COVID expenses added another 250%—the largest single year of fundraising in the school’s history.

• The school has a positive fund balance, no debt, and combined endowment and reserves of $2.8M.

• Major capital improvements are underway to enhance indoor and outdoor community spaces.

• Faculty and staff salaries have substantially increased for eight consecutive years.

• Not one student or staff member has tested positive for COVID.


About the School

Founded in 1902 and under the care of Lansdowne Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, LFS is a thriving pre-K through 6th grade school just west of Philadelphia that serves a richly diverse student body of 100 students. Half the student body identify as BIPOC. The school has a positive relationship with Lansdowne Monthly Meeting and the Lansdowne community, and retains a talented and dedicated faculty. While enrollment has grown steadily since 2013, tuition has been kept at affordable levels. Scholarship aid is robust, with 45% of children receiving need-based tuition assistance.

Guided by Quaker values, and recognizing that of God in every community member, LFS has continued to accomplish something critically important for over a century:

• We engage children and celebrate childhood.

• We challenge children and teach them to trust themselves.

• We demonstrate for children that adults believe in them and are approachable.

• We help children to see learning as enjoyable even when sometimes difficult.

• We empower children to help build a kind, caring, and purposeful Quaker community of learners.

This work is deeply spiritual, grounded in our hope for the future and our community’s investment in that future through and for children. The impact of our efforts has meaning well beyond the school walls, beyond one school year, or even beyond one generation. Graduates of Lansdowne Friends are sought after at the larger Friends middle schools in the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as at a range of nearby independent and public schools. Alumni continue to stay connected to LFS, to support the school financially, and to lead lives that reflect the skills and values honed during their time here.

LFS received both PAIS (Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools)re-accreditation and a successful review by the Friends Council of Education in 2017, resulting in compelling affirmations of the school’s strengths, including recognition of outstanding efforts to live its Quaker mission.


Desired Characteristics

The successful Head will demonstrate:

• A commitment to education rooted in Quaker values.

• Familiarity with and dedication to an experiential thematically-based pedagogy and curriculum.

• Deep experience with and commitment to bringing the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion to all aspects of school life.

• Skills in team building, collaborative planning, and inclusive, transparent decision-making among a talented and dedicated faculty and staff.

• A readiness to continue the school’s strong track record of environmental stewardship.

• A desire to nurture the diverse, cohesive community of students and families who are the heart of the school.

We seek a leader who brings people together, who listens carefully to all stakeholders, who is able to make and communicate thoughtful decisions, who adores children of all ages, and who exudes warmth, enthusiasm, and compassion.


Experience, Skills, and Knowledge

We are seeking a Head of School with

• A Master’s Degree (strongly preferred) or Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university.

• Experience as a Head of School or in another senior leadership position in an independent or public elementary school (leadership experience in a Friends school is a significant plus)

• Demonstrated track record with diversity, equity and inclusion.

• Knowledge of child development and best practices in progressive curricular design and teaching, preferably with classroom experience at the elementary school level.

• Excellent communication skills that can support marketing, fundraising, and admissions.

• Expertise in fostering a supportive, professional community among staff, and continuing to strengthen the sense of community among students and school families that distinguishes the school.

• Business and financial judgment that can ensure best use of resources and generate creative solutions to financial challenges.

• Experience fostering innovative programmatic changes while retaining cherished traditions.



Competitive compensation based upon experience.

The position begins July 1, 2022. Please send a resume, and a personal statement of how your experience and educational philosophy qualify you, by email, to LFS Head Search Committee co-clerk Dana Robinson at

Learn more about the position on the Lansdowne Friends School website
View a position profile HERE.

The deadline for the application is October 15, 2021.

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