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When I walked into Lansdowne Friends School twenty years ago, as a recent college graduate, I was completely mesmerized.  The whole school was studying rainforests, and classrooms had been transformed.  I distinctly remember student made swinging branches and exotic looking paper mache animals.  Projects, paintings and student writings were all around.  There was also a wonderful playground filled with both obvious and hidden treasures from the natural world.  I was so excited to find a real live school that was very much like the ones I had read about in my college textbooks.   

From then on, I knew that I not only wanted to work here.  I also wanted my then unborn children to become students here as well.  Of course, both of those things happened, and I have not been disappointed.  For the past fifteen years, my children and I have been able to experiment and grow along with each other in a nurturing, engaging, and creative environment that has deepened our interpersonal relationships, increased our fervency for learning, and fostered our love for an arcadian landscape.

Now my own family members have moved on, and I continue to work at Lansdowne Friends School. My only  hope is that I can help other children discover their own passions and purposes in the midst of their working and playing together.  

When I am not at school, I like to read, walk, swim, and spend time with my family.  

Mingh Whitfield
kindergarten teacher
BA St. Joseph's University, MSEd Neumann University
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