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My commitment to our community is continually charged by my sense of belonging to it… 

I taught kindergarten in a Philadelphia area private school for four years, am a member of Lansdowne Friends Meeting (where I’ve been First Day School teacher since 2013), and I’ve been an LFS parent since 2010.  So many personal joys have come from belonging to spaces designed for inquiry and challenging norms; where even the youngest students are guided to see themselves as creative, compassionate thinkers, responsible for both their learning process and the wellbeing of their communities.  For me, this connection between education and agency has created opportunities to ask difficult questions; to see that each of us is capable of making a difference every day.

What else brings me joy?  An exact list would be way too long but the following activities come to mind and are often enhanced by the company of family or friends: camping, reading, writing, running, hiking, exploration, yoga, studying history, creating art with repurposed supplies, baking and eating desserts.

Maura Leeper