Karen Teel earned her BA from Bethany College in English with a minor in Elementary Education. She taught sixteen years in the fifth through eighth grades at Friends School Haverford and before that, twenty-one years in fifth and sixth grades at a small Christian school in Philadelphia. She is passionate about English and history.


Childhood, to my mind, is supposed to be a time of joy and discovery. I became a teacher, because I wanted to capture that sense of wonder in my classroom. What attracted me LFS is it is a place that is intentional about giving children time each day to laugh, explore, ask questions, experiment, and, celebrate the success of their peers, and learn from their failures. LFS values and respects what I do about learning for children of all ages, which is: when learning is fun, children are willing to tackle great challenges. LFS understands that if a teacher is passionate about what he/she teaches and genuinely cares about his/her students, the class will pick up on that and thrive in that environment. I know of no better place that is so intentional about holding up and honoring that value.

karen teel
Karen Teel
fifth/sixth grade teacher
BA, Bethany College
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