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LFS COVID-19 Information

As we are back indoors more, and COVID appears to be resurging, we want to update you about procedures and expectations.  These protocols are based on the national Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for schools designated “low” or “medium” risk (Delaware County has been designated as “medium” risk since school opened in September).

Any student or teacher should immediately notify Teacher Linda if they have a positive COVID test result

COVID positive students or teachers will stay home for a minimum of five days, and until they are fever-free without medicine; after five days, and with no fever or symptoms, they may return to school, masking for an additional five days.

Students exposed to the infected individual (defined as less than 6 feet of distance for 15 minutes or more) will mask for 10 days; this may include whole grades.

Siblings exposed to infected individuals will mask at school for 10 days.

Children exposed to infected parents are also asked to mask at school for 10 days.


Teacher Linda will notify the affected grade parents on the day of discovery.

Teacher Linda will also put in the Friday Weekly Notes an update about our weekly “pool testing”. results, in which all students are swabbed on Wednesday (if we get a positive back from that pool, we immediately test each child individually).

If you as a parent would like to be notified about COVID activity in grades other than yours, please email T. Linda who will add you to a COVID-notice list.

How parents can help:

If your child is sick, or has been exposed within 5 days, please home-test.

Please notify us immediately if you or a family member tests positive.

Have home-tests on hand; many insurance companies reimburse the cost, but the tests are only $5 over-the-counter (we also have extras if you need a test).

Have masks to use if your child’s grade is affected (we have emergency supplies if they come to school without one).

Use and report results of the home-test we send home at school breaks.

If you haven’t already, consider a vaccination for your child.  Many of our families, and all of our teachers, have done so.

Thank you for your attention to this community health matter.  Please email or call Teacher Linda or me if you have questions or concerns.