First and Second Graders Investigate Monarchs

First and second graders have been excited to watch their caterpillars become butterflies-the chrysalises turn darker, orange wings become visible through the clear shell, and eventually monarch butterflies emerge!

The first and second grade classes are participating in a symbolic migration program through the Journey North website, which engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. Through Journey North, the students can track the monarch migration to Mexico.

Students planted a few milk weed plants on our playground to attract monarch butterflies and the classes have been using the leaves to feed the monarch butterflies. The students were excited to take apart a seed pod and discover how the seeds are dispersed.

On October 12 the classes released some of the monarch butterflies that emerged from their chrysalises recently so that they could begin their trip to Mexico. All of the children observed Tr. Jill put a small tag on each butterfly's wing to help scientists learn more about migration patterns.

Each student made his or her own life-sized monarch butterfly, which will be sent through Journey North to a class near the butterflies' overwintering site in Mexico. In the spring, when the butterflies begin their journey northward, the classes will receive symbolic butterflies back from Mexico.



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